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Entry #13

New Year? New Jeers!

2013-01-01 00:58:31 by DeathandGary

huh? Oh lucky day! I stepped out from under my rock and behold! The new year cometh, thank you internet, I wouldn't have known otherwise!

But hey! With new years come new resolves! I haven't put out a single flash in 2012 and it's REALLY grinding my gears to know how much of a slacker I'm becoming. I'm tired of being the wayward dreamer who hides behind excuses! I'm tired of making promises, I want to see action! I swear to you that I WILL get some flashes done this year or die trying >:C (preferably the former)

to anyone reading this, I'd love your help! An entertainer can only be as good as his or her audience allows them to be. Let me know how I can improve and give me that reason and ambition to improve that every artist craves and I'll do my best to return the favor in my work


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