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2011-12-22 20:34:36 by DeathandGary

hey everyone, us again!
So we plan on making more episodes of Fetus & Ferb. So with new episodes, come new characters! here's the youtube bulletin about it: ATlE&feature=channel_video_title

but for you smart people who think youtube is filled with drama idiots who can't spell, I'll ramble on down here now, For episode two we're mainly introducing four new characters.

Jamal: 11 : black child: he's gonna be the embodiment (and victim) of ANY and all black stereotypes we can think of, what we're aiming for is some type of ghetto voice with him.

Sanders: mid-20s : the also stereotypical type of annoyed cashier, constantly sounding aggravated or bothered (and slightly tired), he doesn't like Jamal and often calls him "Blackie", but he DOES appreciate the amount of money he get's from "Blackie"'s frequent ordering food from their restaurant.

Officer Stan: again a stereotype, he'll be one of those cops who angrily beats down innocent people because they did something he didn't like, or will let criminals go because he knows them or played golf with them once. His partner is Officer Fabulous, whom he often hates on because of his sexual orientation. What I'd like for his voice would be some constantly angry rough and scratchy type of voice. Tiberius, one of the DeathandGary founders, wants him to have a redneck voice. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

Ferb's mom: we actually don't have much for her yet, other than the fact that she does do some drugs (hence the LSD pills from episode one). Any type of motherly voice would work, so this character is limited to female voice actors only, or 12 year-old boys.

just send an email to and title it with the character name your auditioning for (Jamal/Sanders/Stan/Mom) and include an attachment of that character's voice, we here at the DeathandGary crew will review each entry and will post the winners after the first week of January! (of course, the winners will be mentioned in the credits and such, what else did you expect? We'll also send the character's lines to the winner prior to the announcement. So perhaps a week afterward).

Happy Holidays everyone!


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