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2011-12-09 22:22:36 by DeathandGary

well as you may have noticed, FETUS & FERB EPISODE 1 IS OUT! THERE SHALL BE REJOICING! In addition, it turns out the people I live with are fine with me making a flash movie with a fetus as a main character, so I WON'T HAVE TO HIDE FROM THEM WHEN I WORK ON THIS! Which means I'll be able to work more and dole out more episodes! EVERYBODY WINS! So when you get the chance, check out episode 1 and tell us how we did! (still fairly new at flash, so be considerate at least).

In addition, I'm working on a Christmas movie! It will be shown on the 14th, sadly Fetus & Ferb only make an appearance or two because this is doubling as my school project..... The school isn't as lenient with a fetus as my family..... so sorry about that.....



Fetus & Ferb | Acid Trip


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