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Good News, Bad News....

2011-07-17 00:21:19 by DeathandGary

Death again,
well, the good news is that our voice actor finally got his lines in. The bad news is that I have to work on this on the only computer with Flash on it. The only reason that's bad is because it's a public computer in the middle of the most public room in the house..... Believe me my parents and sister probably wouldn't like it if they saw me openly making an animation portraying drugs and Aryans. So I slowly have to work on this in the middle of the night, which cripples our progress worse than Bill Clinton's sex life. Thanks again for your patience, Normally I would have Gary work on it, but his computer doesn't have (and can't download) the software. So just be a little more patient with us,

A few complications...

2011-06-19 03:18:54 by DeathandGary

Death again,

sorry everyone... there's gonna be a few delays in our little present for you. One of our voice actors is lazy as hell, he keeps whining about how "he's so hungry" or that it's "ever so dark in the cellar". I recently saw Gary trying to feed him, instead of eating he checked it for roofies....whatever those are...

we have a lot of audio of him crying however, sadly that's NOWHERE in the script. But if you guys would like a bottle of orphan tears I'm sure we could work something out. Rumors say it grants wishes. So we're re-training him so we can get the rest of the audio we need. Hopefully it won't be long.

Just warming up...

2011-05-31 03:10:00 by DeathandGary

hey newgrounders, Death here,

Yes yes we know our page is empty. But my little pets and I are working on a nice little housewarming gift for you all! Finally, something for you no good lifeless souls to gaze at in awe compared to your hollow shell of a life! Now isn't that heartwarming? We're new here and You're getting the "Welcome" gift! We're so thoughtful. See you soon