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New Year? New Jeers!

2013-01-01 00:58:31 by DeathandGary

huh? Oh lucky day! I stepped out from under my rock and behold! The new year cometh, thank you internet, I wouldn't have known otherwise!

But hey! With new years come new resolves! I haven't put out a single flash in 2012 and it's REALLY grinding my gears to know how much of a slacker I'm becoming. I'm tired of being the wayward dreamer who hides behind excuses! I'm tired of making promises, I want to see action! I swear to you that I WILL get some flashes done this year or die trying >:C (preferably the former)

to anyone reading this, I'd love your help! An entertainer can only be as good as his or her audience allows them to be. Let me know how I can improve and give me that reason and ambition to improve that every artist craves and I'll do my best to return the favor in my work

What is this, newgrounds? I turn my back for FIVE minutes and suddenly you're a social network. That is one of the fastest and most subtle changes I've ever seen, you're like the Usain Bolt of the internet! +5 for you fellows in the HTML department. I think it's pretty cool :/

MOAR Fetus!
Still working ardently on Fetus & Ferb 2, mostly polishing little-by-little and making it look like I've improved while trying to enjoy the ride. Special shout out to Weegee082 from devantart, your fanart of episode 1 will make an appearance!

Fetus & Ferb Day!

2012-11-18 16:59:29 by DeathandGary

as some of you may know, Fetus & Ferb's birthday was yesterday! That's right, my sweet sweet aborted child is now one year old (and look what we have to show for ourselves, huh?). So I rounded up the DG crew and we partied like prohibition-age children. That's right, Faygo and Cheez-its!

I originally planned to buy a Dairy Queen cake and have them draw Fetus on it, but oh well. So we spent the ENTIRE night watching Hayao Miyazaki films (mainly Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Kiki's Delivery Service for nostalgia's sake).

Why would I mention this, you ask? Well simple! As a cartoonist in training I find Miyazaki to be a very influential and entertaining artist, hell, even Bob Ross could learn a thing or two from him! So I've been chiseling away at Fetus & Ferb 2 and soon the opening scene should be done! Not much, but hey! Progress!

Fetus & Ferb Day!

Finally some progress!

2012-06-10 02:23:32 by DeathandGary

we finally found a sucker willing enough to play the voice of the last character we needed! So now I can start animation, but don't get your hopes up, it'll be a little bit before it's released! Until then, we'll try and entertain you!


welp, we originally planned on starting work on F&F 2 nearly three months ago....... and due to some of our actors having not yet fulfilled their imaginary contract, we still don't have all the lines we need to get work done. So I'm giving the rest of our voice actors/actresses one week to send in their lines or I dump them from the project and re-cast.

So if anyone's interested in being a voice for Fetus & Ferb episode 2, just send me a quick PM. I don't mean to sound eager or anything, just wanting to get this out of the way....


Ready Fetus? *rawr*

2012-03-08 16:26:37 by DeathandGary

alrighty! Well by divine miracle we have gathered up a mediocre group of voice actors and we're ready to start Fetus & Ferb episode 2! I'll be drawing it up as soon as the lines come in so hopefully it'll be sometime soon, but beggars can't be choosers amirite? So expect further updates and screenshots soon (hopefully)


2012-02-10 16:07:26 by DeathandGary

ah, new layout looks quite nice, I like it!

anyways, we're starting Fetus & Ferb ep.2 now! That's right! The script's done and everything! However we still need a voice actor for Jamal and Ferb's mom, so if you'd like the part email us at

we can use all the help we can get!

New Year? New Parties!

2012-01-01 02:25:17 by DeathandGary

me again,

so everything's going smoothly and we'll start work on F&F episode 2 shortly, I'm personally psyched because we're all blooming with ideas over here! But I'm not the only one at work here, the entire DeathandGary crew's gonna get together soon for one of the longest parties we could imagine! We might just do a livestream of the event but I'm still unsure of it :S

hope you'll join the party!

~Death and Gary

hey everyone, us again!
So we plan on making more episodes of Fetus & Ferb. So with new episodes, come new characters! here's the youtube bulletin about it: ATlE&feature=channel_video_title

but for you smart people who think youtube is filled with drama idiots who can't spell, I'll ramble on down here now, For episode two we're mainly introducing four new characters.

Jamal: 11 : black child: he's gonna be the embodiment (and victim) of ANY and all black stereotypes we can think of, what we're aiming for is some type of ghetto voice with him.

Sanders: mid-20s : the also stereotypical type of annoyed cashier, constantly sounding aggravated or bothered (and slightly tired), he doesn't like Jamal and often calls him "Blackie", but he DOES appreciate the amount of money he get's from "Blackie"'s frequent ordering food from their restaurant.

Officer Stan: again a stereotype, he'll be one of those cops who angrily beats down innocent people because they did something he didn't like, or will let criminals go because he knows them or played golf with them once. His partner is Officer Fabulous, whom he often hates on because of his sexual orientation. What I'd like for his voice would be some constantly angry rough and scratchy type of voice. Tiberius, one of the DeathandGary founders, wants him to have a redneck voice. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

Ferb's mom: we actually don't have much for her yet, other than the fact that she does do some drugs (hence the LSD pills from episode one). Any type of motherly voice would work, so this character is limited to female voice actors only, or 12 year-old boys.

just send an email to and title it with the character name your auditioning for (Jamal/Sanders/Stan/Mom) and include an attachment of that character's voice, we here at the DeathandGary crew will review each entry and will post the winners after the first week of January! (of course, the winners will be mentioned in the credits and such, what else did you expect? We'll also send the character's lines to the winner prior to the announcement. So perhaps a week afterward).

Happy Holidays everyone!


2011-12-09 22:22:36 by DeathandGary

well as you may have noticed, FETUS & FERB EPISODE 1 IS OUT! THERE SHALL BE REJOICING! In addition, it turns out the people I live with are fine with me making a flash movie with a fetus as a main character, so I WON'T HAVE TO HIDE FROM THEM WHEN I WORK ON THIS! Which means I'll be able to work more and dole out more episodes! EVERYBODY WINS! So when you get the chance, check out episode 1 and tell us how we did! (still fairly new at flash, so be considerate at least).

In addition, I'm working on a Christmas movie! It will be shown on the 14th, sadly Fetus & Ferb only make an appearance or two because this is doubling as my school project..... The school isn't as lenient with a fetus as my family..... so sorry about that.....



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